85 Kimberly Street Paragould, Arkansas 72450
(870) 586-0042
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City of Oak Grove HeightsUtilities

Here is an overview of the utility suppliers for our area. Below you will find all the contact information you need for each provider.

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Wastewater (Sewer)

Oak Grove Heights Wastewater System

85 Kimberly Street

Paragould, AR 72450

(870) 586-0042

Electric Provider

When you are needing a quality electric provider, our supplier is Craighead Electric.

Craighead Electric

7277 Hwy. 69

Paragould, AR 72450

(870) 239-2557

Trash Pick up

Trash pick-up

To keep our neighborhood clean, we rely on Shelton Sanitation as our waste management provider.

Shelton Sanitation & Waste Management

P.O. Box 328

Rector, AR 72461

(870) 236-1253 or (877) 595-1253

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Other Utility Providers:


Fusion Media

P.O. Box 137

1910 Mockingbird Lane

Paragould, AR 72450

(870) 215-3456

Also Satelite Services Available: Dish, Black Sheep, Hughes Net, Direct TV


Lafe Rural Water Association

P.O. Box 297

37 Main Street

Marmaduke, AR 72443

(870) 586-0753

City limits at Northside of Locust Creek on Hwy. 135 N

Paragould Light, Water & Cable

1901 Jones Road

Paragould, AR 72450

(870) 239-7700

This is for WATER service only

City limits at Southside of Locust Creek on Hwy. 135 N